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Because of the Autumn holidays, our business will be closed from Thursday 31 October until Monday 11 November 2019.




Richard is established in 1956 and kicks off as a traditional precious metals enterprise. Its range obviously appeals to people right away. As such, Richard soon becomes a familiar brand name in the region.


The business keeps expanding, while experience and competence grow along with it. Since the early years, Richard offers all kinds of services related to the purchase and sale of gold and silver, also in the shape of coins, bars and jewels.


Although many things change, the enterprise stays true to one tradition: if you sell or buy gold and silver, we'll apply an honest top price. Nothing more to say.


In 1987, the business gets fresh inspiration, with the arrival of the second generation. The domestic gold foundry is fairly unique. All of this culminates in 1992, with an exquisite shop at the current address.


Precious Metals Richard sells, buys or exchanges antique, second-hand and new golden jewels, gold and silver coins, gold and silver bars, silver objects, platinum, diamond, vintage and second-hand prestige watches. On a regular basis, collector's items are acquired. New branded watches complete the picture.


The shop's overall renovation in 2016 is a mere continuation of all these trends and implies a full commitment to discretion and safety. Even today Richard combines experience, craftsmanship and investment advice with a large choice of products and an equally large range of services. Learn more about them on the website, or simply stop by.



Our vast assortment of products includes investment gold and silver in bars and grains, investment coins, collector's coins (numismatic), watches and jewels.


We buy gold, silver, diamond, platinum, pewter and brand watches that are either prestiguous or of collection value. Always bring your identity card or passport (at least 18 years).


The rigorous quality control on gold and silver we buy and their subsequent transformation through or own foundry and at Tony Goetz's guarantee a new certified bar. Notably, their assayers are recognised by the Belgian Royal Mint. As such, you are one hundred percent certain you're not dealing with a falsified bar.


So you came to the right place for all information about investment in bars and coins. In the long term and especially in times of crisis, gold remains a solid investment. Silver has a lower entry cost, but is still of value as it's used in all kinds of applications.


Besides, you can check the current gold and silver prices on the website. They are automatically refreshed every five minutes, because outdated information is obviously of no use to you. It goes without saying that we always use the same up-to-date information, whenever we trade gold and silver.


When you have gold or silver objects appraised, we take care of this in a proper, professional way. With more than 62 years of experience in the sector, we ensure these matters are handled competently too.


If you sell gold, jewels and watches, you can rest assured everything is dealt with correctly. You don't mind if we mention the fact we pay immediately, do you?


We buy a lot of jewels and watches. From those we choose the very best items, whose quality we then meticulously determine. Often we're dealing with antique jewels or vintage watches, more than worth of a second life.


More and more collectors pay us a visit. This is no coincidence, as we even provide the option of exchanging watches, gold and other items. Vintage or antique is your thing? Well, frankly, ours too. We look very critically at the second-hand products we sell.


On the new website, we've included a large part of our assortment, but feel free to contact us or to stop by. For instance, we've often got special collector's items, including numismatic coins.

One of our activities: melting scrap gold.