Gold price: 22k40,27 per gram18k31,99 per gram14k22,98 per gram(16-10-2021 16:00:06)

Transparent prices: no extra costs

There is no obligation to make an appointment. However, if you do, you will have priority.


Selling gold and silver by way of shipping

We also buy your gold and silver if you send it. You may take care of shipment yourself. We advise you to do that by using a parcel service. Or phone us (03/886.62.54) so that we can arrange transport by MikroPakket or Tripp Taxi (Willebroek) for you. Pack your goods properly.


Download the form here, complete it and send it along with your package. Don't forget to add a copy of your identity card or passport (at least 18 years). Stick the bottom half of the form, which includes our full address, on the parcel.


When establishing the gold or silver content and making an inventory of your goods, we always apply the highest current gold and silver prices. After determining the total value of your items, we'll contact you.


If you agree to the amount, we'll deposit it to your banc account immediately. Should you decide not to sell to us, we'll return the goods by MikroPakket, after you've paid € 35 (shipment and administration costs).


You want to visit us yourself, but don't have your own car? We'll take care of your return voyage with Tripp Taxi.