Gold price: 22k37,72 per gram18k29,97 per gram14k21,52 per gram(07-03-2021 07:19:03)

Transparent prices: no extra costs

Because of Easter, our business will be closed from Saturday 3 April until Sunday 11 April 2021.


Investment gold exchange

Do you want to exchange gold bars for smaller ones or coins, because these are more easily tradable? Or whatever the reason, such exchanges are no problem for us.


It's also possible to exchange your old gold bars for new ones from Umicore. These bars, carrying the LBMA label (London Bullion Market Association), have a good delivery status and are easily tradable all over the world.


Download here a list of refineries approved by the LBMA.


Since the moment of sale and purchase coincide, we don't have to deal with price fluctuations.


Such an exchange is immediately dealt with. You may stop by the shop without an appointment, or announce your visit by clicking the link top right on our website, or here.