Gold price: 22k39,79 per gram18k31,61 per gram14k22,70 per gram(22-09-2021 19:47:03)

Transparent prices: no extra costs

There is no obligation to make an appointment. However, if you do, you will have priority.


24 carat investment gold on account

In the case of gold on account, you'll receive a docket and, after each transaction, a statement. Feel free to compare it with a bank account statement: purchase (expenses), sale (revenue) and your bank account balance.


- Subscribing to this system is possible starting at 500 grams.


- Both in purchase and sale, we work with pieces of 100 and 1000 grams.


- Direct conversion into physical gold is not possible, but of course you can sell and subsequently invest the amount in physical gold bars.


What are the advantages of 24 carat investment gold on account?


- You can sell immediately, by phoning us. Mention your docket's number. We're available during our opening hours.


- Physical gold bars are only sellable as a whole. With gold on account, this us much more flexible. You choose which multiple of 100 grams or 1000 grams you want to sell.


- The gold is on a gold account at Umicore. So you don't have to worry about secure storage and, for instance, rent a safe-deposit box at your bank.


- We don't charge any management fees.