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Legally closed due to the corona virus until Sunday 19/04/2020 ( purchase orders by telephone are still possible)


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Until 19 April 2020, our business will be closed. From now on, we also supply on account. Click here for more information. We are available by phone from Monday to Friday (03/886.62.54).




Buy gold bars and grains of gold from us at the best price. View the actual prices below. They are updated every 5 minutes. Umicore bars carry the LBMA label (London Bullion Market Association). So they're easily tradable all over the world, without further analysis. The guaranteed minimum purity is 99.99 %. Our new bars come directly from the Umicore factory. They all have a serial number, linked to the certicate, and are wrapped up.


Why Umicore? Above all, for quality reasons. But their company philosophy matches ours perfectly: honest gold, sustainable, ecologically produced.


The circulated LBMA gold bars are a little cheaper, as we don't have to process them anymore. We've checked them nonetheless, thus ensuring their quality and purity. These bars are from Valcambi, Credit Suisse, Argor-Heraeus, Metalor...


The larger a gold bar, the lower the production costs in relation to the gold value. Disadvantage: larger gold bars are only tradable in one piece later on.


You may visit our shop in Willebroek without an appointment, to buy gold bars. You can also order by phone. If so, we'll fix the price valid at the time of our phone conversation. When you order by telephone, you will have to transfer the amount immediately.


If you are a private person, you can pay cash, by bancontact and by bank transfer in our shop. In case of bank transfer, we'll deliver the goods as soon as the amount appears on our bank account. The cash limit is € 3000. If you're a dealer, cash payments aren't possible.


If you want to make an appointment to discuss you investment, you may announce your visit by clicking the link top right on our website, or here.


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Pure weight

Our selling price

NOT PHYSICAL: 1 kg Investment gold 24 CT on account

1000 gram

€ 50.732,80

NOT PHYSICAL: 100 gr Investment gold 24 CT on account

100 gram

€ 5.129,07

New UMICORE LBMA gold bar 999.9 - 1 kg

1000 gram

€ 50.997,08

New UMICORE LBMA gold bar 999.9 - 500 gr

500 gram

€ 25.865,60

New UMICORE LBMA gold bar 999.9 - 250 gr

250 gram

€ 12.957,27

New UMICORE LBMA gold bar 999.9 - 100 gr

100 gram

€ 5.231,85

New UMICORE LBMA gold bar 999.9 - 50 gr

50 gram

€ 2.640,40