Gold price: 22k45,90 per gram18k36,46 per gram14k26,19 per gram(02-07-2022 13:22:03)

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Due to the Summer holiday, the business will be closed from Monday 18 July to Friday 29 July 2022.


Virtual or real?


Stories of people making a lot of money in no time, with digital currencies such as Bitcoin, are obviously the stuff of dreams. But if you look at the reality behind this fairytale for a moment, you'll quickly notice these 'cryptocurrencies' have gone through extreme fluctuations. In other words, who gambles well makes a lot of money, who gambles poorly is in danger of losing a lot.


The very adventurous investor is probably willing to take huge chances. For those who are rather looking for a long-term strategy, investing in gold remains an interesting option. Granted, we don't expect its value to tenfold within a year. But then again we don't expect the house of cards to come crashing down as fast either...

Virtual or real?
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