Gold price: 22k45,90 per gram18k36,46 per gram14k26,19 per gram(02-07-2022 14:08:03)

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Due to the Summer holiday, the business will be closed from Monday 18 July to Friday 29 July 2022.


Temporary blow for gold and silver


The gold and silver prices have been rising since the start of the corona crisis. Last week, gold broke all previous records and, for the first time in history, surpassed $ 2000 per ounce (31.1 grams).


Tuesday, the gold price fell by 5.7 %. Such a sudden setback hasn't been seen for the last seven years. Silver also received a serious blow, descending by almost 10 %. Wednesday, the gold and silver prices had largely recovered.


Investors who bought gold or silver on Tuesday may well make a nice profit thanks to this sudden fall. Admittedly, the gold price hasn't (yet) bounced back to the record of the week before, but it's still really high. And the silver price has almost reached its previous level again.

Temporary blow for gold and silver
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