Gold price: 22k47,58 per gram18k37,80 per gram14k27,15 per gram(30-03-2023 12:54:02)

Transparent prices: no extra costs

Due to the Easter holiday, the business will be closed from Monday 10 April to Friday 14 April 2023.




We've gone through a very busy period. In our team, one person is resposible for all updates of the website and social media, plus for all photos and videos. From now on, we plan on writing a blog post every two weeks and sending a newsletter to our subscribers every two months.


One of our main activities is buying and selling precious metals. Obviously gold plays the leading role. There's a so-called mid-market rate and then there are two prices, for buying and selling. This is more or less like the system you come across when exchanging currencies through a bank.


This difference between purchase and sale price is often referred to as 'spread'. And for 1 kilogram gold bars, we do better than a lot of other merchants. In other words, a smaller profit margin, so more benificial for our customers. The difference is even smaller in case of a circulated gold bar. Let's give you an example, with this moment's gold price...


You sell a 1 kg gold bar at € 33,583.86.
You buy a new 1 kg gold bar at € 34,051.34 (spread: about € 468).
You buy a circulated 1 kg gold bar at € 33,980.26 (spread: about 395). That means we're the least expensive in the Benelux.

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