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Save our invest?


In order for the economy to function, money needs to 'circulate'. We just learned that the ECB (European Central Bank) entertains ideas about discouraging all those who park a large sum on saving accounts. This by applying a negative interest to everything above € 100,000.


An incentive to invest, so to speak. The past months, the stock market didn't do too well. There's again plenty of trust in gold investments. During the Summer, we had every right to talk about a 'gold rush'. The higher gold price caused a lot of people to sell gold and make a very nice profit in the process. We're still noticing a clear optimism on the gold market, because as many investors have bought bars or coins during the same period.


Incidentally, on the 16th of August, a reporter from Belgian television network VTM came to interview our manager, in connection with this gold traffic summer peak.

Save our invest?
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