Gold price: 22k45,90 per gram18k36,46 per gram14k26,19 per gram(02-07-2022 13:06:02)

Transparent prices: no extra costs

Due to the Summer holiday, the business will be closed from Monday 18 July to Friday 29 July 2022.


No gold speculation today...


Various blogs and news sites go on about how the gold price might increase formidably incredibly spectacularly. We rather expect a gradual rise instead of a sudden jump.


But if you don't mind us putting world news on hold for a moment, we are very busy behind the scenes of our business. A new part of our website was just launched, a photo gallery. Sort of a 'the best of'. A sample of our photos on social media.


Moreover, we're photographing a part of our jewelry and watch collection every week as well as adding them to our site.

No gold speculation today...
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