Gold price: 22k47,12 per gram18k36,96 per gram14k25,89 per gram(30-05-2023 03:12:04)

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New social media concept


Perhaps you've already noticed it on our Instagram page. The past two weeks, we've made the transition to a new concept. Next Monday, the 24th of June, we'll continue the line on a few other channels. There too, some things will change.


You can see the entire concept evolve on Instagram. The background is now a landscape without end, ever evolving. Each month, we'll choose a new theme, which will always refer to current events and with a seasonal character.


Mainly videos, animations, crazy combinations, more than just product photos shot against a nice backdrop... Anyway, rather extravagant, but certainly distinctive, we think. Soon you'll see items such as inserting a precious stone into a ring and a watch being repaired. We'll regularly take a look in our shop, but behind the scenes too.

New social media concept
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